At an early age of 6, I found my true passion for riding within the simple dirt world of my backyard circle track. After watching Crusty Demons on repeat and covering my walls in moto posters, I knew that this was the world for me.  Unable  to afford the expenses of amateur racing, I was forced to play team sports and didn’t get the chance to pursue the passion that had been instilled in me as a young kid.

Fast forward to the age of 13, I got my first 250f, which sparked my interest in the racing world.

Thus, began my pursuit for being involved in moto any way possible, even if meant standing behind the camera. After watching endless hours of Vurbmoto and Transworld videos, I quickly realized my passion for filming moto had been there all along and Buttery Films was born.

I dropped out of high school and ran away from home. I lived with one of my buddies and started to pick up some random film gigs with Volcom and Transworld.

At the age of 18, and on the right path, I enrolled in independent studies and received my diploma. Shortly after, success began to materialize quickly when I picked up a full-time video job filming Brian Deegan and his son. I worked that year following the Deegan’s, covering their events and running their social media, but the dream job wasn’t paying the bills, so I was forced to get a full-time job as an equipment operator. But my passion for moto never swayed.

I saved money and put it aside every paycheck before I could afford my first 450F. I was the 3rd owner when I bought it off craigslist. I started taking riding a bit more seriously on the weekend and started to pick up some real speed.

Still working full time and funding my weekend riding, I decided to take my talent to social media where I began showcasing videos I had filmed of my friends, top industry riders, and even some of myself. As my creative passion and filming ability began to grow, so did my social media following. In 2015 using the handle @buttery_films, quickly gained 50K Instagram followers.  By the end of the year that number had grown to 149K.

Now I just have fun riding my dirt bike and thinking of new video ideas. I have built quite the fan base which I never imagined happening. It’s crazy what an influence some of these videos have and how many people watch them.

I’m a filmer and a rider…I just have fun doing both.