Buttery Vlogs Ep33
PRO Ride Day

It's Friday and you know what that means! I go to the track while Medium goes to school. Kaed Kniffing the little homie came and picked me up to roll out to Milestone MX Track.

Buttery Vlogs Ep32

Talon Bohn came out to Pala to grab us some killer riding footage! After a long wait we finally restocked our merch and this is one of the best drops yet!

Buttery Vlogs Ep31
RedBull Straight Rhythm 2019

We scored a KTM 250SX for Austin Politelli to line up on for this years Red Bull Straight Rhythm race!

Buttery Vlogs Ep29
GIRLS Ride 110s

Another day and another part to replace on the dirt bike, it's always something!

Buttery Vlogs Ep30

It's our 3rd trip to Pismo Dunes this year and it keeps getting better every time!

Buttery Vlogs Ep28
Dirt Bikes In Skatepark

Medium and I started the trip back down to California from being on tour in Washington.

Buttery Vlogs Ep27
CRAZY Road Trip

Medium and I loaded up after watching the 2019 Washougal Nationals and hit the road to meet up with Sonny Leonti!

Buttery Vlogs Ep26
Washougal National 2019

After a fun night of racing at PIR Thursday Medium and I loaded up to head to Washougal, Washington!

SVGE Skrany
Live Mas

Scott Kranyak aka Skrany shreds his hometown in the city of Bakersfield, CA on an electric dirt bike!

Buttery Vlogs Ep25
LET'S GO Racing (PIR 2019)

Medium and I loaded up 4 dirt bikes and hit the road for a tour in the PNW!

Buttery Vlogs Ep24
Pismo Party In The Dunes

With rumors floating around that Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach) might possibly be shutting down we had to head up there to check it out.

Buttery Vlogs Ep23
Electric Dirt Bike Rides In Water Park

Josh Hill rides his electric dirt bike through Wet N Wild water park in Palm Springs, CA. This is the first video of an electric dirt bike riding underwater!

Buttery Vlogs Ep22

Octane Productions headed back out to California and shot some rad footage of us out at Cahuilla Creek!

Buttery Vlogs Ep21
Fox Raceway National 2019

We loaded up the crew and headed right down the street to the 2019 Fox Raceway Pro National in Pala, CA. Medium Boy ran out onto the track and was on live TV!

Buttery Vlogs Ep20
Medium WRECKS My 110

Medium and I loaded up to hit the hills of the Inland Empire and met up with Jacob McCollum to do some play riding.

Buttery Vlogs Ep19
I Got A New Car

My pile of an F250 got impounded because I didn't pay the tags and I'm not the registered owner. Luckily I found a 1980 El Camino on craigslist that can get us to the track from now on!

Buttery Vlogs Ep18
A Day With The GOAT

Medium and I loaded up to head out to the Hills! It was little dry out because it hasn't rained in awhile but we were still feeling sendy!

Buttery Vlogs Ep17
Massive CRASH

I've been riding in the hills all winter long because the dirt has been so good from the rain! I was starting to feel comfortable on my bike until I had my biggest crash yet!

Buttery Vlogs Ep16
Medium Gets His Own Dirt Bike

Well the day is finally here and I can't believe it! Medium finally got his very own Kawasaki KX450.

Buttery Vlogs Ep15
Freeride Fury

I just launched my biggest collection yet on https://www.shopbuttery.com so head over and get the merchandise while it's hot!

Buttery Vlogs Ep14
Hooten Is Back

After 8 months of being MIA Trevor Hooten is back and better than ever! We headed out to Cahuilla in Anza, CA just like old times with all of the boys.

Buttery Vlogs Ep13
Go Pro Motos

Medium and I loaded up to head over to The Oaks. One of the most fun places to ride 110s and has killer turn track layouts after the rain!

Buttery Vlogs Ep12
Huge Road Gap Calls The Cops

My Instagram got hacked and deleted at 300,000 followers! Medium and I loaded up in the rig to head up north to Supercross for A1.

Josh Hill

Everything from big hits to creative street gaps, this video shows some of the most technical dirt bike riding. With the perfect mix of gas powered 450s and electric dirt bikes.

Buttery Vlogs Ep11
I Got A Brand New 110

I bought a new Honda CRF110 and it just quite possibly may be more fun than my 450! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode. A lot of work went into making this one!

Buttery Vlogs Ep10
Medium Crashes Brand New Dirt Bike

Medium stepped up and uncorked some gnarly jumps and also gave the 19 Honda the first big crash!

Buttery Vlogs Ep9
I Got A Brand New Dirt Bike

It's been awhile since we have done our last vlog but you wont be disappointed with this one! After 2 and half long months I finally have a dirt bike again and it's all thanks to you guys!

Buttery Vlogs Ep8
Rat Race

Mice motocross may be a new sport but I think we are going to need to train them a little better.

Buttery Vlogs Ep7
Medium Almost Dies

Now that Medium and I are without a dirt bike we had to think of some other ways to have fun. We found a couple old power wheels in the middle of nowhere, seemed like a good idea to see how fast we could go in them.

Buttery Vlogs Ep6
My Dirt Bike Got Stolen

I stayed out in Murrieta, CA that night and ended up having my van stolen along with my dirt bike in it as well.

Buttery Vlogs Ep5
Medium Goes Back To School

Summer break is over and Medium is back at Cal State San Marcos full time. While he's in school I'm busy trying to fix my bike from all of the crashes it has taken this year.

Scrub Daddy Training

Josh Hill decides to take his Sx prep to the next level and hires @biggezoid aka Scrub Daddy to step up his game. See the progress first hand, as this is just the beginning.

Buttery Vlogs Ep4
Biggest Bird Scooter Hits

Another beautiful summer day out in Lake Elsinore, CA spinning some laps with Medium and Tom Parsons. We had a few mechanical failures but that didn't stop us from having a fun time!

Buttery Vlogs Ep3
Hot Girl Washes Bike

Medium Boy and I rolled out early morning to put some motos in at Pala! Met up with a couple of the homies and watched some sweet battles go down out on the main track.

Buttery Vlogs Ep2
Plessinger & Seely

Medium Boy showed up late to the house yet again but we piled in the van and headed to Milestone Mx up in Riverside, CA. We met up with the 2018 ama outdoor champ Aaron Plessinger and factory Honda's Cole Seely.

Buttery Vlogs Ep1
Our First Vlog

We are going to try our best to document some more lifestyle and behind the scenes footage. this is the first of many episodes so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe!